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Palmdale Water District Sponsors Cash for Grass program

PALMDALE, CA May 19, 2011- PWD has been sponsoring a “Cash for Grass” program for customers within the Palmdale Water District service area for two years. On May 25, 2011, three customers will be presented with certificates of appreciation and rebate checks from the District for converting their yards into water wise landscapes. The District would like to thank Larry & Mattie Thompson, Elsie and Lorenso Gaubo and John and Stacy Nemth for completing the “Cash for Grass” program.

The District has approximately 112 customers that have signed up for the program and approximately 29 have completed their water wise landscapes and received checks from the District. The City of Palmdale and the Palmdale School District have also signed up to convert some of their landscapes into water wise areas.

The PWD urges its customers to find ways to use water more efficiently with one or more of the rebates the District has to offer.

  1. Cash for Grass- Renovate your landscape into a beautiful water wise landscape.
  2. MP Rotators- Renovate your pop-up sprinkler heads to MP rotators, which will bring up the efficiency of your irrigation system.
  3. Smart Controllers- Change out your timer/controller to a SWAT tested smart controller that waters the amount of water your landscape needs, not what you think it needs!
  4. Washing Machines-change out the old washer for a new 5.0 or less water factor washing machine.
  5. Toilets- Change out that old toilet for an HET 1.28 gpf or dual flush toilet.

Call (661) 456-1020 for more information on PWD’s rebate programs. About Palmdale Water District

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