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Student Projects

Fun projects are a great way to introduce young people to the concept of using water wisely. To help teachers in the District get the ball rolling, Palmdale Water District presents these ideas for project designed to spark imagination. It’s never too early to start teaching our children the importance of intelligent resource management.


Earth Day Contest 2023

In celebration of Earth Day, we want young water superheroes to submit a comic strip that showcases their heroic water-saving adventures. View Earth Day Contest flyer.


The Rainstick activity can be used in a fun way to introduce the importance of water and water conservation. View project details.

Edible Aquifer

Learn how groundwater is stored and what we do above ground that can affect the water underground. View project details.

Water Filter

Learn part of the water cleaning process and have fun at home with your homemade water filter. This can be done in a classroom or at home with materials you may already have. Get started.

Delta Map

This activity will teach students about the Delta and why it is so important to Southern California. Download activity information and the Delta Ecosystem Poster. Full-sized printouts can be picked up from our District office.

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